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Managing Partner - Anthony Laudato


Anthony Laudato is Managing Partner of TheTalentExecutive, a search firm that is focused within the hospitality industry.  He is responsible for directly overseeing each individual search in addition to his own executive searches.

Anthony’s passion to serve during his career has carried on throughout the firm with each client and candidate.  His service within the hospitality sector has led him to numerous appointments across the board that include operations, sales & marketing and revenue with many-well known brands, including his role of Senior VP.


Professional Perspective / Personal Touch

Today’s environment is highly stressful and with decreased staff, professionals are taking on more responsibility with fewer resources than ever before.  We also find that the benefits of technology appear to consume us and our time.   All of this can lead to less time and effort spent by an organization in a resource at the core of any successful business, people.  Anthony believes that by treating each conversation with the highest of importance and each individual with respect that only the ultimate goal will be achieved through the synergy of the best fit for both parties.


Industry Exposure

For over two decades Anthony has been honing his skills as a leader in the hospitality arena. Fortunate to realize his passion for the industry at a young age, Anthony has led a successful career from his first role in the back of the house as an expeditor on the kitchen line to Managing Partner at TheTalentExecutive.

"Every relationship has had value over the years," noted Anthony.  "Whether you are learning what to do or what not to do, the important thing is that you are always learning."

His path has afforded him several opportunities on a variety of levels proving a unique and rare perspective found among leaders today.  Anthony’s leadership career has enabled him a strong understanding of the skills needed, from actual field experience in Sales & Marketing, Rooms, Food & Beverage and Corporate roles with both large and boutique organizations such as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International and independent brands.  His tenure with all of these organizations, both private and publicly held, has confirmed an appreciation for each discipline and the experience to know that what works in one organization may not necessarily work in another, and that applies to the skills and talent needed as well.



Giving back is an essential part of what Anthony believes in for himself and other leaders, and he has proven this through his actions.  The following is a partial list of charitable organizations that have benefited from Anthony’s contributions, through his success, over the years, with the primary beneficiary being St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

"Children are our future and we are responsible for mentoring them as well as caring for them, especially those in need."

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

American Cancer Society

Disabled Veterans of America

Multiple Sclerosis Society